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Austin Dental Implants

As trusted Austin implant dentists, your friends at Groovy Dental want to take a second to talk about tooth loss. If it affects you and your oral health, there’s a chance you’re feeling a little down about it or even embarrassed.

This is a persistent problem for so many patients of all ages. Not feeling good about yourself or your oral health ends today thanks to affordable, reliable Austin dental implants. You’ve finally reached the right time in your life to get the care you deserve from the right people — dedicated implant dentists with a gentle touch and compassionate heart.

Groovy Dental in Austin, TX

Appreciate the Advantages of Austin Dental Implants

There’s no greater feeling than seeing your smile reflecting back at you knowing it’s giving all kinds of good impressions to everyone you encounter in life. But getting there can be challenging if you’re missing a tooth or teeth. As your implant dentists, we’re here to help you and tell you about the benefits of dental implants, including:

  • Improved oral health
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Better function and bite

So, are dental implants worth it? We say YES (and not just because we love being implant dentists.) They’re unmatched in durability, appearance, and functionality. There’s no better long-term solution for missing teeth than Austin dental implants.

Patients Are Loving Their Implant-Retained Dentures (And So Will You)

There’s nothing wrong with traditional dentures, but ask anyone who has or had them in the past, and they might tell you stories about some drawbacks. That’s where implant-retained dentures enter the picture. Like regular removable dentures, they’re an option for replacing both your upper and lower set of teeth.

What Exactly is Bone Grafting?

The thought of bone grafting doesn’t necessarily sound like something you want to run to your implant dentist for. However, it’s really not as big of a deal or a surgical nightmare compared to what you might have heard or can only imagine. The truth is it’s extremely helpful and beneficial to patients who want a dental implant, but don’t have enough jaw bone to support it. Today’s technology makes this treatment easy to complete.

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