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Austin Invisalign® Clear Braces

Don’t Imagine a Straighter Smile - Invisalign® It

You’re busy juggling your career, possibly a family, and all of the other hurdles that happen in life. But, believe it or not, you’re ready and you actually want more — taking on bigger responsibilities, professional endeavors, and personal growth.

To get there, you want a more confident, straight smile and a better bite. It’s time you talked to Dr. Alyssa Dawson and Dr. Trenton Dawson, your certified Austin Invisalign® providers, about getting there without disrupting your desire to keep living life to the fullest. With these revolutionary clear braces from Groovy Dental, you can, and you will!

Groovy Dental in Austin, TX

Is Austin Invisalign® Right for You?

The simple answer to this question is “most likely!” If you or someone in your family has been interested in Invisalign® in Austin, there’s no better time than now to schedule a no-obligation consultation. This is where you’ll get to see how these clear braces are changing lives, backed by over nine million successfully straight smiles. We use advanced technology to take the guesswork out of orthodontics to give you healthier teeth and an improved bite in a more predictable, comfortable way. You’ll be amazed at how quickly, yet gently your teeth will begin to shift into smile perfection.

See and Feel the Many Benefits of Clear Braces

Your Groovy Dental dentists will be the first to tell you that Invisalign® clear braces are more popular than ever with patients of all ages in Austin. Why? Because it’s without a doubt a near-perfect way to fix crooked, improperly-spaced teeth or bite issues. The merits of this type of treatment go beyond results you’ve been dreaming of, including:

  • Promoting optimal oral health
  • Allowing the freedom to eat what you love

Why spend another day with a smile that makes you uncomfortable or unhappy? Let Austin Invisalign® enhance your life one tooth at a time.

A Straighter, Healthier Smile

Straighten your smile without disrupting your life.

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